Delmi Alvarez, photojournalist based in Brussels covering Editorial & Documentary photography of social affairs, environment and human rights.

His works have been published in magazines, newspapers and displayed in exhibitions. As writer he published several books highlighting Reporteiro de guerra en Yugoslavia (Ed.Xerais, Vigo 1994) the long term documentary Galegos na Diáspora (1989-2009) and Mar, one of the few projects with two photographers of Magnum photo agency.

As photojournalist, Delmi is a contributor photographer for wired News Service ZUMAPRESS, Corbis images and El Pais. The National Geographic Stock adquire images from his project Himbas in Namibia and as filmmaker co-produced with TVG (Televisión de Galicia) three documentaries broadcasted in TV from stories of persons living in the diaspora in Africa, Venezuela and Rusia.

Headquartered in Brussels, covering daily wire news in the European institutions and traveling by EU countries. Delmi works on documentary photography projects and is a dedicated lecturer at colleges and photography schools participating in educational projects for the understanding of photojournalism. He is studying a degree in Anthropology.

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